Customer Testimonials

Thank you....

I just want to say 'thank you' for the printed copy of the manual for my new camera which arrived today, just as you promised.

The laminate cover is a bonus and the size and quality of the booklet is very good.

I can't tell you what a difference it makes actually having the book to flick though - even on my iPad, it feels clunky and time consuming scrolling through on-line, compared with being able to thumb the pages wherever I might be at the time. It is very annoying that you can spend so much money on a camera but then have to search for a book of instructions, so congratulations for filling that gap in the market so well.

Jean Jameson
London, England

I am very pleased with your service....

Thank you Jeff. I have just received my manual for my Samsung tablet.

You have previously supplied me a manual for my Nikon camera.

I am very pleased with your service and have passed on your service to my friends.

Jim Crawford
Wagga Wagga, Australia

Many, many thanks....

Many, many thanks for sending me the spiral bound copy of the Pentax manual, which arrived this morning. I greatly appreciate it.

I have ordered from you in the past and will do so again, whenever the need arises.

Happy with the service I receive, I have and will continue to recommend your company.

Again, many thanks.

Richard Trevail-Phillips
Seaford, England

How very nice of you....

How very nice of you to send me the smaller manual !!!

I do like the larger format manual for home use, but it is not, as you mentioned on the website, "extremely portable" and easy to drop in the camera bag on a trip, which is what I use your manuals for.

If the camera gets into some setting you can't get out of, when travelling, your "pocketable / purse-able" manuals are invaluable.

Your manuals are always the first thing I pack when travelling.

Carolyn Hammett

I was so glad to locate your service....

I just really dislike online manuals and would happily pay a few extra $$ to supply it with the camera as they used to do.

That minimal charge would get lost in the overall cost of the camera! I don't travel with a laptop or iPad, and your smaller manuals are perfect for my use.

I was so glad to locate your service several years ago and "several cameras back" and have access to the smaller format for my newer cameras.

Thanks again....


Your service is impeccable!

Today my small version of the 100D manual arrived very timely, and intact.

Your service is impeccable! Your manuals are the first things that go in my carryon, they are much easier and more accessible than dealing with the online manual on an iPhone! Your small manuals are invaluable to me!.

I will certainly be ordering again when I acquire another new camera.

Thanks for your help!

Carolyn Hammett

Tou have a good service....

You have a good service which I have pointed out to camera people here in South Australia.

Best to your work


Thanks for the quick response....

Thanks for the quick response to my request the other day for 2 user manuals great job and will use you again if I need help with manuals. Once again great service and price.


Mike Hawker

What would we do without your company!

What would we do without your company!

I was very pleased with my Leica manual and would certainly recommend you to others.

V White

Your service was great....

You prompted me to reply and let you know how happy I was with the camera manuals you sent me.

Your service was great - very friendly and professional and you kept me informed of order progress. Manuals arrived in good order on or around the date you estimated. I was very happy with the quality.

I love to use old cameras for my photography. Be assured OTC is now one of my 'go to' resources. I tell my friends about you.

Keep up the great service!

Mrs Paula Karydis

The spiral binding is a brilliant idea.

The spiral binding is a brilliant idea.

I've known about you for some time so know where to turn to for anything else I need.

All the best for now and success in your spiralling


It is excellent....

Many thanks for the A4 version of the Sony Manual. It is excellent. If all companies treated customers the way you do we would have a better world!

Thank you

Peter W Mount CBE

Thanks again....

It is rare to do business with someone, nowadays anyhow,who gives a darn about good customer service.

I appreciate your concern. I will certainly order from you again, as many people lose, or toss out manuals.Thanks again.


I am very pleased with it....

The user guide for the LG 840G cell phone arrived today and I am very pleased with it. I particularly liked the 5x7 size and the larger font.


Bob Harper

It will be of great help....

Received the manual and it's a terrific job. It will be of great help in working out the intricacies of the G5. Thanks very much.

Louis Sasso

Absolutely top notch....

The two manuals arrived by this mornings post, absolutely top notch service.

I'm buying 'her indoors' a new camera this xmas, that will no doubt come with its manual on cd, so I'll definately be after a printed book.

Many thanks


Thank you for efficient service....

Thank you for efficient service.

I am very pleased with the iPad User Guide.

Regards - and a very Happy New Year!

You are brilliant!

I have now found and ordered the manual I want.

You are brilliant !

Thank you,

Michael Shannon

Spoke to a human being....

Received manual for Nikon Coolpix L320 today, as promised. Spoke to a human being as promised on your web site. All in all brilliant service.

I can now go anywhere without the ludicrous prospect of taking 200+ pages of an A4 instruction manual with me!

Well done and thanks.

Colin Bourne

I'm amazed....

I just bought a Canon Power Shot SX280HS point"shoot camera, and I'd like to order one of your manuals to replace the grubby "introductory" booklet Canon sent along with my new camera. This is either my third or fourth order with you, and I'm amazed at how well you do your manuals, and how quickly you get them from the UK to California. Amazing! Well done! Here's wishing you much success. Cheers!

Palo Alto, USA

Just a quick note....

Just a quick note to say thank you for the very fast, efficient and friendly service you provide.

It is good to know where I can get my PDF manuals quickly printed and bound.

I will certainly be recommending you.

Bob Kellaway

Excellent service....

Thanks for e-mail have bought for both recently, from yourself, and excellent service and product


What a superb service....

Thanks Jeff - Manual ordered today. What a superb service.


Thank you so much....

Thank you so much for your speedy and highly efficient service.

The handbook arrived by return and is excellently produced.

A great service!!


Peter Clapham

Thanks for great product....

Good Afternoon

Order No 14002581W received today perfect please pass on thanks for great product and rapid service.

Tom Halfpenny

I was really amazed....

I really was amazed at the speed with which you organised the printout and posting of the A5 instruction manual for my Sony DSC RX10 camera. It arrived today. I am delighted with the booklet and the clarity of the printing, as well as the efficiency of your company's response.

I shall recommend OTC to others who are interested and keep your company in mind for future needs. Thank you for such a good service!

Madhu Bhinda

I am impressed....

I placed my order yesterday and I received it this morning's post. I am impressed - I shall use you again and recommend you to others.

Thank you so much for your efficiency.

Geoff. Taylor

I am delighted....

Yes it has to be said I am delighted with my new camera manual! Thank you once again

Robert Nixon

I was delighted....

Congratulations.. I was delighted with my experience when ordering my camera manual ..regards

Bill Marshall

Absolutely thrilled....

Yes I was absolutely thrilled with my camera instruction booklet! I use it most days. I have no problem recommending your service. Its top class!

I will order from you again!

Pat Hogan.

Very satisfied....

I was very satisfied from your service: fast, clean and delighted that such a service exists! Thank you very much!


Excellent job done....

Received my camera manual in good order and it is so easy to use, the small size is great for use in the field and the fine print and finish made the smaller printing easy to read. Once again an excellent job done.

Peter Judd

Thanks again....

Thank you that is very generous, the A6 version arrived today and it is perfect, now I have two!

Thanks again and have a happy Easter.

Graham Blanchard

Very prompt service....

Thank you for the very prompt service. My manual arrived today, I only ordered yesterday lunch time! Well done.

Diane Maxwell

Well I never!

Well I never!

I only ordered the manual yesterday and it arrived first thing this morning.

What is this country coming to? We are not used to such excellent service.

Keep it up and you'll be getting a reputation!

Best wishes and many thanks

Pat Walton

Cannot praise highly enough....

I received the manual for my Panasonic camera today and cannot praise the service, quality and e-mail response highly enough.

I will be passing the OTC literature onto my camera club colleagues.

Best regards.

Brian Duncan

Brilliant service....

This order was received this morning, Sat 3 May, at 0940 - brilliant service.

Delighted that you have increased the size of your guides. They are now easy to read.


John Gleadell

Excellent customer service....

I received the two manuals yesterday - thank you very much. Both are fine.

I'm glad there was a simple answer to the problem.

Excellent customer service.

Mike Johnson

It is great!

I have no bad words at all to say about my manual. It is great! I am very happy I was able to get a new one since I left my original one at the store!!


Excellent service....

Indeed you are doing something right. In this day and age where firms do not include a comprehensive manual as a matter of course, it is great to have somewhere to go to to get a paper version of one. Are we expected to all have a smart phone to access an online one? At least with a paper version I can take it abroad with me and consult whenever I wish, regardless of whether there is a signal or not. So thank you for an excellent service.

With regards


Speedy and efficient service....

Thank you for very speedy and efficient service. Great to have the spiral binding too. I have passed on your web address to a couple of friends as I was so pleased with your service.

Kath Brown

Thanks a lot....

Thanks a lot for sending me a manual for an old Canon camera so swiftly! It was exactly what I wanted. Keep it up!

Jeff Barrs

Service and product is fantastic....

You've shamed me into having to say, your service and product is fantastic. I agree with all the others have to say and will continue to use your services as and when I need then. Your prices are really good and the product you sent is just what I and I guess many others want. With the digital camera become as complex as a computer a handbook in your back pocket is very necessary.

Thank you again for the manuals I have from you. My enjoyment and success of the use of my new cameras would not be so successful with out your efforts.


Prompt and useful service....

Just received the manual (today) on the Lumix DMC-GF6 and it has already has proved its worth as I have found the answer to a problem thart has been causing me a few headaches. Many thanks for a prompt and useful service.

Mike Foster

Fantastic service

Fantastic service, many thanks,



Thank you for being able to provide printed/easy to read instruction books. Brilliant

Ann L Crail

Many thanks....

I just want to thank you for the camera manual that you sent to me for my Pentax Q7. It is very well put together, and very informative. Now I can understand how to use my camera for certain situations and in special lighting, etc..

Many Thanks once again

Sharon (Kiki Rose) Greggs

Thank you....

After spending days of frustration trying to find out how to work my Blackberry Z10, I stumbled upon your website. My son gave me the Blackberry, but no directions. Blackberry didn't even have anything worthwhile. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Carolyn Granger, age 80.

Excellent service....

YES, you provide me with excellent service, my husband was impressed I could get the manual when he couldn't!

He tried!

Again, Thank you.


I really appreciate....

I really appreciate that you sent the manual for my Lumix 7 again. I did receive it.

You can now add me to your list of happy customers!!!


Excellent service....

Its likely that I will have a further order to place within the next day or two.

Many thanks for the excellent service that you provide.

Best Regards

Bill Moore

Recommended to my friends....

Just to say have received the new spiral bound booklet for my camera Panasonic DMC-SZ8, thank you very much.

You asked me to comment - the size, for me, is just right for carrying around. I am more than satisfied, much prefer the spiral bound version to the bound one.

I will certainly be buying again from OTC and have already recommended to you to friends.